AjoCard reduces agent support response time by 83% within 1 month.

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June 19, 2022

Here is how one of our clients Ajocard used OneRoute to improve their customer support response time

Origin Story 

AjoCard was founded to deliver financial services to the underserved. They reduce the friction in everyday financial transactions whether it is to improve savings for everyday consumers removed from financial services, or banked consumers without access to their financial transaction platforms due to location. 

They enable these transactions everywhere using a combination of technology (such as software and POSs) and expanding agency platforms.


A key component of AjoCard’s operations is providing technical support to on-the-ground financial service agents as well as end customers. The nature of communication required a platform that is easily accessible to agents and supports multimedia (for POS screenshots, etc). 

Traditional WhatsApp Business was the chosen platform but as the business started growing rapidly, management needed to scale WhatsApp support to more personnel, and gain visibility into the interactions between staff and agents to ensure support was of the highest quality. 

OneRoute Implementation

The implementation of the WhatsApp Business API via OneRoute played a pivotal role in enabling AjoCard to receive and handle agent WhatsApp messages more efficiently. A 5-man support team was on-boarded to the platform to attend to on-the-ground agent requests, dropping response times significantly. The team’s productivity has also been improved with features like auto-responders, canned replies, and 3rd party integrations. Management is also able to see how the team is doing and drill down to individual agent performance.  


AjoCard has seen the benefits with implementing our solution the results have been 5000+ monthly conversations. CSAT is short for customer satisfaction score. It’s a commonly used metric that acts as a key performance indicator for customer service and product quality in all kinds of businesses. Ajocard was able to achieve a 90% CSAT Score as well as an average 2m First Response Time. The speed of the first response is crucial to ensuring a positive customer experience.

Imran Saliu-Bello
Imran Saliu-Bello

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